Cyclic Dharma Poem Structure

(Galleries are in red on the Right)

Base 4

256 = 4 to the 4th

(6 is a mathematically perfect number)

(88) ---- Bliss ---- (88)
(64) Creation (64)
(44) Sound (44)
(28) Light (28)
(16) Mental (16)
(8) Causal (8)
(4) Astral (4)
(4) Physical (4)

Approach A
Start with Physical Song 1 and move down
Then go to Astral Song 1 and move up through Bliss

Approach B
All points being simultaneous
Drop down anywhere


The term Dharma

The principle or law that orders the universe.
Individual conduct in conformity with this principle.
The essential function or nature of a thing.

There are eight spokes in the wheel of dharma.
My topmost Bliss section will contain 88 stanzas,
or two complementary wheels of dharma side by side.

The total number of stanzas in this poem is 256, or
2 to the 8th power, also a reflection of the wheel of dharma.
4 is my base number here, and 256 is also 4 to the 4th power.

There are 4 seasons, 4 directions, and also 4 ancient elements.
This Eastern or right-hemisphere side of my dual poem
is derived from many mystical/intuitive world views.


The 88 Bliss stanzas will not literally illustrate tarot cards,
but they will use 4 cycles of 22 tarot card themes as points of
departure in a way similar to what I did with the Divine Comedy themes.

The 64 Creation stanzas will not literally illustrate the I Ching,
but they will use I Ching hexagram line themes as points of
departure in a way similar to what I did with the Divine Comedy themes.

There are a total of 100 stanzas/galleries in my Astral through Sound sections.
These portray an other-worldly journey that runs parallel to the Commedia.
3 cycles of 22 Paradiso themes appear in my Light and Sound sections.

I view Light and Sound as the twin elements of conscious creation.
Vibration is fundamental to both, and everything in this Eastern
half of my poem can be viewed as a spectrum of vibration.

Visual Art on a Computer Monitor = Light