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20,000 pieces in 20 years

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My most vibrant work is ethereal.
Paradiso contains 33 ethereal galleries.
Cyclic Dharma contains 224 ethereal galleries
(in the Light, Sound, Creation, and Bliss sections)
I started this 20-year project shortly after 9-11 in 2001
I began work on the 4th and final level on October 12th 2016
The latest revised level 4 gallery is Wanderer in Cyclic Dharma: Creation.

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David Allen Camp, pictures

Why sets of three related renders in each gallery page?

1) Represents past, present, and future.
2) Staggered to mirror the rhyme structure in the Divine Comedy.



1) I like the multi-dimensional nature of layers.
There will be a visible top level plus underlying layers.

2) The fact that each manifestation of each gallery will
look different from other layers is a reflection
of how we change from one life to another.

Why sets of three related renders?

1) Past, present, and future.
2) Staggered to mirror the rhyme structure in the Commedia.

Explanatory Notes

I began teaching myself to use 3D art programs in my late 40s.
I work impulsively, with a great deal of emphasis on color.
It was the sight of light passing through a prism that woke the artist in me.

I am like that prism. Energy passes through me and manifests as art.
I do not market my writing or art or take on custom work.
I am purely a web artist. This is where my work is designed to be displayed.

You may download or print my copyrighted pictures (c1996-c2018).
You may also repost my art on your web site if your site doesn't promote
violence and if you clearly identify me as the artist. I welcome links to this site.

Fantasy novel by the artist


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University of Wisconsin Scenery
U.W. Madison's Picnic Point
Governor Dodge State Park
Devil's Lake State Park
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